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The Darkness Rises hi-res cover.jpg

A gripping speculative thriller perfect for fans of Lauren Oliver and Ginny Myers Sain, about one girl with the power to see death before it happens--and the terrible consequences she faces when saving someone goes wrong.

Whitney knows what death looks like. Since she was seven, she’s seen it hovering over strangers’ heads, rippling in thick black clouds. Sometimes she can save people from their impending doom. Sometimes she can’t. But she's never once questioned whether or not it is her place to try. Until the unthinkable happens—and the person she saves is the perpetrator of a horrific school shooting.

Now Whitney will do anything to escape the memory of last year’s tragedy and the guilt that gnaws at her for her role in it. Even if that means quitting dance—the thing she’s loved most—and hiding her secret ability from her family and friends.

But when Whitney finds an ominous message in her locker she realizes someone knows her secret, and they want payback for what she did. If she's going to survive the year, she must track down whoever is after her, before it's too late.


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